Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a force to be reckoned with.

And as a leading social media marketing agency, we’ve got it down pat.

Social is ingrained in our everyday habits and it’s now a crucial way for humans to stay connected.

Social media marketing is an effective and essential way to deliver on-brand content to your potential customers, wherever they are.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is dead. Long live social media!

Ok, maybe that’s a melodramatic take. But the reality is, organic social reach is declining.

These days, to ensure you’re reaching your audience, paid social media campaigns must be top of mind. When deployed correctly, social media advertising can be the most ROI positive marketing move a business can make.

That’s where we come in. Not only can we precisely target the right audience at the crucial point of their buying journey, but we can get your message in front of your audience directly at the point they’re most hungry for your content.

Our experts live and breathe paid social advertising, so we know our way around lookalike audiences, segmentation, retargeting and conversion funnels.

Choose the right
social media channels

At Loudmouse, we understand the nuances of each social channel, their technical advantages and their limitations. It’s not about just going where the eyeballs are, it’s about going where people are looking, engaging, and making purchasing decisions. Let’s get in front of the right eyeballs.

Facebook Ads

With 66% of Australians logging in monthly, Facebook remains the king of social media advertising.

Despite recent privacy changes, Facebook’s targeting capabilities are still an extremely powerful way for advertisers to reach their audience.

Our Facebook advertising specialists know the lay of the land, and are experts in targeting options, policies and conversion tracking.

Instagram Ads

With over half the Australian population on Instagram, you’re certain to find a large segment of your audience scrolling their newsfeeds daily.

High-quality images, videos and user-generated content make Instagram a hub for e-commerce, boasting a massive 4.21% engagement rate between users and brands.

From stories to reels to the newsfeed, Instagram has a variety of ad placement options to suit both campaign creative and objectives.

Tiktok Ads

TikTok is all grown up, and brands are now flocking to the platform to take advantage.

Despite TikTok’s relatively new position in the social media landscape, Loudmouse is already delivering successful campaigns on the platform, driving reach and awareness for public health messaging.

TikTok’s authentic, influencer-driven, short-form video content captures the attention of over seven million active users that average over 23 hours a month on the platform.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest’s 444 million monthly active users use the visual storyboard format to gain inspiration for everything from fashion to home décor.

85% of ‘Pinners’ say Pinterest is their first stop when starting a project and a further 80% say they’ve discovered new brands and products on the platform.

Offering marketers and brands the opportunity to build their narrative through visual storytelling.

YouTube Ads

Tied with Facebook as the most popular social media platform in Australia, YouTube’s almost infinite supply of long-form content attracts 315 million daily users worldwide.

The advanced audience segmentation and data analytics tools available on the platform keep your campaigns highly targeted, cost-effective and measurable.

We offer YouTube ads as part of our Google Ads management service.

Content Matters

The age-old philosophical question. If a digital marketing strategy exists without content, does it make a sound?

Absolutely not.

Digital marketing is an ever-growing space, and engaging content is essential for your business to thrive, generate leads, conversations and conversions.

Content is the most crucial component of a successful social media strategy. Without it, all else fails.

We know the importance of a well executed content marketing strategy, and what sets us apart at Loudmouse is our full suite of in-house content production capabilities. From copywriting and photography to full scale video production, we create and nurture your content from start to finish.

Let's make some noise together