Digital Marketing Strategy
Because a goal without a plan is just a wish

All successful digital marketing starts with a solid digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

To grow your business you need a plan.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, it's our job to collect, organise and arrange all the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle to ensure your strategy converts views into clicks, and clicks into valuable customers.

With deep roots in creative advertising and marketing strategy, we know how to leverage every platform to make sure your message hits.

Why you need
a digital marketing strategy

A high-quality digital marketing strategy defines the who, how, and the what: Who are you trying to reach? How will you get their attention and present your message? What do you want your audience to do and, of course, what value will you bring?

We know how important a digital strategy is to your marketing plan. It’s what defines your long term tactics and sets the path for how, when and where you will reach your business objectives.

A digital marketing strategy brings all the digital pieces together into a comprehensive roadmap for success:

  • Understanding the competitive landscape? Check.
  • Identifying your audience and understanding their needs? Check.
  • Choosing the right channels? Check.
  • Messaging that stops the scroll, adds value and seamlessly drives the desired action? Check.
  • Conversions? Repeat conversions? Repeat-repeat conversions? Check.
  • Measurement, optimisation, and charts that go up and to the right? Check.

An informed, targeted and measured approach to digital marketing will beat ‘spray and pray’ every time.

Our approach to
digital strategy

Everyone has their own recipe for an al dente digital marketing strategy. Here’s how we whip up ours.

Understanding your industry and audience


We start by diving into the research and gaining an understanding of who you’re up against.

Then we get to know what makes your target audience tick, and click. What do they like, and just as importantly, what don’t they like. What are their pain points and needs, where do they hang out online and what do they do there.

Choosing the right channels


It’s essential that you meet your audience where they are, which is why we’re channel-agnostic.

We choose channels based on what will get results, not just based on what’s hot right now.

Messaging and creative


The scroll. Unless you stop it, everything else is a waste of time.

For over two decades we’ve been producing creative campaigns that get attention, cut through the noise and make audiences stop and think.

Once you have your audience’s attention, it’s time to connect. By drawing them into an engaging and compelling story, you won’t have to ‘make’ them join your brand journey because they’ll want to tag along willingly.

We ensure that your brand feels at home on the chosen platform.

Driving action


Action drives results. This means you must have a clear idea of what you’d like your audience to do once they’ve decided to take action.

Then, it’s time to ask two questions: Why would anyone want to do the thing? And how easy is it to do the thing?

Around here, we’re all about eliminating friction. Ensuring a visitor turns into a customer is a delicate procedure. Any bumps along the way can be enough of a deterrent for them to up and leave.

We make sure your digital marketing efforts are the digital equivalent of a waterslide. An enjoyable, low-friction experience that leads to one outcome: splash.

Lifetime customer journey


We believe in forming meaningful long term relationships.

Your digital strategy should foster a mutually beneficial, lifetime customer journey where you remain in touch, and continue to surprise, delight, and bring value to their lives. Trust us, they’ll love you for it.

Social Media Strategy

Social media’s trademark fun and casual engagement is serious business.

Social media’s trademark fun and casual engagement is serious business. An effective social media strategy aligns itself with your digital strategy and swings for the fences, increasing your brand awareness, revenue and market share.

Loudmouse’s social media team will take your message to the masses by delivering unique content fuelled by creativity with measurable results.

Let's make some noise together