Half Price Blinds

Growing brand awareness, ecommerce sales and ROI through social media strategy

Content and social media strategy


Half Price Blinds sells affordable DIY blinds online with an e-commerce model geared towards end of funnel acquisition.

They're a leading supplier in the competitive online blinds space, servicing both residential DIY and trade consumers.

The Challenge

In a highly competitive market, a growing number of competitors are offering direct to consumer ecommerce sales.

HPB needed to be different and be perceived as the thought leader within the industry to remain top of mind.

The aim was to:

  • Grow brand awareness and engagement in the digital space.
  • Drive consistent, quality traffic to the Half Price Blinds website year-round.
  • Deliver ecommerce sales that result in positive ROAS.
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Our Approach

We performed an in-depth market and competitor analysis to understand the consumer and competitive landscapes:

  • What are the trending topics?
  • What are the pain points that the target audience may have previously faced with the industry?
  • What social platforms are our competitors active on?
  • What kind of promotional campaigns are they running?
  • What are some of the gaps we have that our competitors don't?

We took the following approach to content marketing strategy:

  • Identified key pillar pages and created topic clusters to map out the evergreen content that appeals to our target market.
  • Created an annual blog content calendar based on the topic clusters identified.
  • Performed keyword analysis and search engine optimisation for each of the blog articles.
  • Amplified blog content through social media to increase website traffic and frame the brand as a thought leader in the industry.

We then created a digital marketing strategy, focussing on social media advertising and consisting of:

  • Target audiences on social media platforms based on Half Price Blinds' identified buyer personas.
  • Key messages and offers for the campaigns that resonated with the target audience based on their identified pain points.
  • Full campaign schedule, channel and media budget breakdown.

We also reviewed all paid search campaigns, keywords, ad groups and ad text as part of our ongoing Google Ads management service.

We then implemented the campaign and monitored ecommerce conversions and revenue, optimising over time.

The Result


Increase in transaction growth year on year.


Increase in revenue growth year on year.


Return on ad spend year on year.