Make Smoking History

Facilitating behaviour change through digital marketing strategy and website user experience

Digital marketing strategy and website redevelopment


Make Smoking History is a public health program supported by the WA government, Healthway and Cancer Council WA.

The program aims to reduce tobacco-related inequities by providing people with access to community, health, and corrective services, whilst raising awareness of the social injustice caused by smoking.

The Challenge

Make Smoking History required an updated digital marketing strategy and website to help people on their journey to life without cigarettes.

The challenge was to:

  • Generate awareness of the MSH brand across key social channels and relevant target audiences.
  • Drive smokers to visit the landing page and seek further information and support to quit smoking.
  • Provide a seamless user experience from social media ad content to the landing page.
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Our Approach

Landing page development:

  • We performed user experience and heat mapping analysis on the existing website to understand user behaviour and identify top-performing pages.
  • Based on this analysis, we optimised the site's information architecture while ensuring the website remained responsive for a range of different devices, from mobiles and tablets to desktops.
  • We created a user-friendly website backend to ensure the client was able to create and modify page content with ease.
  • Finally, we took into account accessibility requirements, such as the use of colour, inclusivity of audio and video to ensure the website reached a minimum level of AA accessibility.

Digital strategy and implementation:

  • We identified the required campaign objectives and key metrics that would need to be achieved to reach the client's goals.
  • We produced a social media strategy that identified target audiences on platforms including Facebook and YouTube, based on the target demographics and user personas.
  • We created a paid media and Google Ads strategy and schedule breakdown to ensure all relevant target audiences were reached effectively.

The Result


Increase in conversions on the Make Smoking History campaign landing page


Increase in click through rate for YouTube video campaigns


Increase in average session duration on the Make Smoking History campaign landing page