Masters Milk

Reinventing WA's largest flavoured milk brand through social media

Social media marketing strategy


Masters is the taste of the West, having been the largest flavoured milk brand in Western Australia, produced locally since 1964.

The Challenge

Market leader Masters had been in a slow decline, supported by a loyal older consumer base.

The challenge was to:

  • Find growth and brand resonance with a new, younger market, as well as new international and interstate arrivals to our growing state.
  • Relaunch the brand to appeal to light and lapsed users, while maximising Masters’ iconic brand assets and redefining the brand’s position in the consumer’s mindset.
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Our Approach

  • In developing Masters Milk's social media strategy, we conducted a market analysis to craft the ideal buyer persona to be targeted, and identify current market trends that appeal to them.
  • We then developed a series of organic campaigns to activate the new brand position: "It’s more awesoMe with M" by leveraging culturally relevant trends to appeal to a younger audience.

The Result


Social reach for the campaign series


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The average engagement rate for all posts across the campaign series